The first part of the maiden edition of the Luxury Lifestyle Summit 2017, an annual two-day summit and exhibition event, kicked off on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017, at the Balmoral Event Centre, Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos, with various intellectual minds from different industries bringing to the table issues and ideas that can best grow the Luxury industry in Nigeria, as well as, exhibitors of various luxury goods and services showcasing their creation from the various economic industries of Nigeria and beyond. The Luxury Lifestyle Summit 2017, a brainchild of Tope Ogbeni-Awe, Chief Service Officer of Topcomm PR Concepts and Events Limited, and Funke Osae-Brown, CEO and Publisher of The Luxury Reporter, is aimed at bringing together senior luxury sectors executives, producers and buyers of luxury goods and services under one roof to promote the luxury industry and also tackle the issues that affect its reception in the Nigerian society.

The summit kicked of with top notch speakers and panelists such as Funmi Onajide, Founder of Regalo African Luxury, Frank Osodi, CEO of Bunor Creazioni, Abiola Babarinde, General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Coscharis Group, Ejiro Onabrakpeya, CEO of Isorogun Art Centre amongst other distinguished speakers and panelists, tackling the challenges and issues facing the Luxury industry in Nigeria and the importance of collaborations and communications using various digital platforms and media mediums. With each speakers and panelists defining their definition of the term Luxury from their respective industries, from arts, automobile, fashion designing, jewellery making to other sectors, it was very englightening as guests were informed to watch the luxury lifestyle is truly all about and the importance of its market.

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According to Funmi Onajide, “this first Luxury Lifestyle Summit is a step in the right direction. Though we lack a lot of the neccessary infrastructure and an enabling operating environment. But we are a country of incredibly resilient enterpreneurial people and we have a track record of private sectors making extraordinary strives in spite of all that holds us back. Africa is coming of age and the focus of the world is gradually shifting in this direction in so many ways. Nigeria is at the epicenter of so much innovation and creativity. It is left to us all to take up the gauntlet and channel all our creative talent with supreme confiddence and purpose.”

Speaking on if Nigeria is actually ready for the Luxury Industry, according to Frank Osodi, “Luxury is for everyone that can afford it. Creativity and quality is what we define as luxury and that is what is sold. It is improtant in the various industries to collaborate with one another. There are limited resources for the creation of luxury and if designers in the industry can come together and work as one, then we can solve some of the issues that plague the industry.”

Furthermore, according to Abiola Babrinde, “we as Nigerians, we have all the potentials to make all this a reality. Nigerians are doing great things in the various sectors of the economy. One thing we need is to provide the enabling environment and infrastructures. The luxury market is a niche market and it is not for everybody. But as a country, there are a lot of things we enjoy and we can do but we only need the willpower to do it.”

After the very englightening summit, guests were entertained to a beautiful exhibition of various luxury products and services in the Nigerian Luxury industry from shoes, to bags, jewelleries, paintings, clothing collection, fine wines, furnitures, luxury vacations offers and so much more.

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