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Actress, Dakore Egbuson’s Marriage Splits

By Glam & Essence

Many fans and admirers of Nollywood actress Dakore Egbuson are troubled by the news in circulation that her 11- year- old relationship/ marriage to Olumide Akande,the son of billionaire businessman,Harry Akande may have finally come to an end.
While many of her fans may want to regard it as fake news,those in the know say it is true and that the troubled marriage just couldn’t hold up anymore.
Signs that the marriage was troubled came to light online when Dakore posted a photo of herself in a bikini,and was sighted at the One African Music Fest in Dubai with her brother, Timini.

So many reasons have been alleged for this current trouble between the once very in love couple, though sources alleged that,the marriage had problems a few years back ,but the couple tried to make things work out. One of the reasons alleged to be responsible for their breakup has to do with money.It was alleged that Dakore became tired of not having enough money to spend as she was used to,claiming that her husband, Olumide, who is one of a son of billionaire businessman, Harry Akande may be broke.Those who are touting this reason say Olumide had been living off his father and that was how he could fund the lifestyle he gave Dakore while they were courting and in the early years of their marriage.But with the turn of the economy today,which isn’t as buoyant,that lifestyle isn’t as Dakore used to know it ,being Olumide’s wife.
There are others who are alleging that money isn’t the reason they parted ways.According to these sources, Dakore’s inability to produce a Male child may have played a hand in her marriage falling apart.The couple have two daughters,but her in-laws are said to desire that she tries for a son.
This is one attempt that is said not to be in Dakore’s to do list as,in a recent interview when she was asked if she’s planning to succumb to the pressure and have more kids, Dakore said she’s done with childbearing and never going back!.
According to her,”I have only two kids and I am done. I am alright. I am not planning for another.
 Two girls. Yes! They are children, aren’t they? They are human beings, so please we love them like that.”
This decision of hers is said not to go down well with the Akande family.Those close to Olumide are said to be saddened by the breakup of Dakore and Olumide’s marriage in view of what the marriage cost the latter.According yo them,
“Olumide sacrificed everything for Dakore. Initially, when he made his intention known to family members that he wanted to marry the actress,his decision was opposed by his family,who refused to support him.”
Those close to Dakore also claim she equally made sacrifices too,as she quit her career as leading actress long before she married Akande and agreed to relocate to the USA with Olumide,after their two kids were born. As a matter of fact, it was due to the troubles in their marriage that Dakore was said to have returned to her acting career.
Dakore,it was gathered, has moved out of her marital home for now.

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