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Angelina Jolie Stops Daughter From Spending Holidays With Brad Pitt

By Glam & Essence

It seems all is not still well between estranged couple,actress Angelina Jolie and actor,Brad Pitt.Angelina has stopped their adopted daughter, Shiloh, from spending the christmas holidays with her dad,Brad Pitt.She was said to have cancelled the girl’s visit to her dad.
An inside source revealed
that this was happening after Angelina had agreed to letting the kid go spend the holidays with Brad. “But once again, she’s pulled the rug out from under him, saying it’d be unsettling for the rest of the family.”
It was gathered that Pitt and his daughter were already looking forward to the time to be spent during the christmas holiday,as tgey spoke daily over FaceTime, counting down the days till Christmas.
Sources alleged that Pitt had planned to let his daughter meet some of his closest friends at Christmas time, including ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and rumoured girlfriend, Alia Shawkat. 
That seem not to be in the plans Angelina has for the girl,as she called off the holiday visit and no reason was given for the cancellation .

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