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Cardi B Shares Her Sexual Assault Experience

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By Glam & Essence

American rapper and songwriter, Cardi B has opened up on the sexual assault she experienced during a magazine photoshoot.
Speaking to TV and radio host Angie Martinez, Cardi B described how that experience shaped her relationship with the #MeToo movement and how pervasive sexual assault is in the music industry.According to her,
“I will never forget how I went to shoot for this magazine and the photographer, he was trying to get close to me like, ‘Yeah, you want to get in this magazine?’ Then he pulled his manhood out.”
“I was so mad, and I was just like, ‘This is crazy.’”
“I was like, [You’re] bugging. You know what? I’m out!”
“When I see the #MeToo movement — there’s girls from the hood I know that went through the same type of treatment, like they make you feel like you got to do a certain type of thing for the most bullshit shit. It happens, really, every day.”
When Martinez asked if she faces that same type of harassment today, Cardi replied, “Oh, hell no. I’ll put you on blast on my Instagram … I’ll violate.

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