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Celebrity Actress Iyabo Ojo Battles Her Colleague Yomi Fabiyi

By Glam & Essence

The social media has been heated up for some days now following the revelation that Yoruba actor,Baba Ijesha was caught on CCTV molesting a 14- year -old girl,an act that he was accused to have going to the girl since she was 7.The underaged victim of molestation is said to be the adopted child of Commedienne, Princess, who,in a tearful video relayed the story of her child’s trauma.While there has been reactions to the story since it broke, however,one actress,who has learned her voice strongly on the issue is Iyabo Ojo.She stressed the need for justice for the abused girl,calling on her colleagues not to support Baba Ijesha’s wrong doing.But she soon flared up on her colleague, Yomi Fabiyi for, according to her, “misleading other colleagues” on the Baba Ijesha rape scandal by trivializing what led to his arrest.
In a video she made to react to Yomi’s write up,where he called for caution on labeling Baba Ijesha as a rapist,Iyabo turned up her fierce side to trash him. Hear her, “Yomi Fabiyi, I wouldn’t go back and forth with you. Are you mad ni? You want to use me to catch cruise because I disagreed with you, you said I’m shading you.”
I would not have done this video if you didn’t put up a write-up without proper investigation or going to the police station.
You said they should release the video, if you’re the father would you do that, how would you think that girl would feel.
Some people like you are asking for evidence to be posted online. If you didn’t do that write up I wouldn’t have done that video.”
Obviously angry over the piece,Iyabo didnt hold back with her hard comments made over Yomi’s stand.
“I don’t have to call you behind closed doors, I’m different, you cannot try me. Baba Ijesha has passed his boundaries so he has to be disgraced.
“Yes, Baba Ijesha is my senior colleague but I will not support rubbish because he is my colleague. I will not even support my children.
I will not see something that is wrong and try to cover it up especially not for that child. Baba Ijesha is a disgrace to Yoruba industry, he has dragged us in the mud.”
She further shaded Yomi,calling his write-up i a flop.
She said,”if you want evidence, call Princess or go to the police station and do your investigation rather than come on social media”.

This and more she said in her video that has since gone viral.
Attached is the video below:

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