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Davido Angry With Cardi B’s Husband

By Glam & Essence

It seems there is a war of words about to start between Nigeria’s super star singer, Davido and American rapper,Offset.
Their quarrel seem to be brewing over the name that Grammy award-winning American rapper, Cardi B adopted when she visited Nigeria.She had dopted a Nigerian name, ‘Chioma B’.

Her husband, Offset reacted to it.
Offset took to social media to mock Davido’s fiancee, ‘Chioma’ saying, why would his wife, Cardi B stoop so low as to call herself Chioma B.
Davido, who strongly adores the mother of his son and fiancee did not find Offset’s comment funny .Davido promptly reply Offset, saying his wife’s name is better than his entire generation.

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