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EFCC Ordered To Seize Assets of Society Woman, Nora Johnson

By Glam & Essence

Lagos society woman, Nora Johnson is about to lose her house, following the order by Justice A. Lewis Allagoa, Presiding Judge, Federal High Court ( Lagos Division) to the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC) to take possession of all property owned by her.

The order was given after an extensive investigation following a pettition against her over some infractions allegedly committed by Ms. Johnson in her former office,where she worked as the Personal Secretary of the GLO boss,Mike Adenuga.
The petition made against Ms. Johnson accused her of over invoicing on purchase of vehicles, inflating air ticket fares and more and the amount in local and foreign currencies were in excess of One billion naira (N1billion).

An interim forfeiture of some of her properties and bank accounts was granted on the order of Justice A.M. Liman on February 16, 2021, following an application on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria by the EFCC,the body to whom the petition was made against Ms Nora.
However, on March 21, 2021, Ms Johnson and the other respondents: Babajide Aremu Johnson, Olabose Ibrahim Falobi, Steve Nnamdi Izebu, Steve Ibem and Bakoliza Limited went to court to suspend or stay execution on Justice Liman’s order,while seeking an order to discharge the interim order of forfeiture of assets, an order discharging the final forfeiture and any other orders as deemed fit by the court.
In his judgment after hearing J.O. Adeyemi Esq Counsel for the Applicant/Respondent and V.C. Nwokafor Counsel for the 1st, 2nd and 6th Respondents/Applicants, Justice Allagoa ordered that the motion of Ms. Johnson and the other respondents dated March 12, 2021 is “hereby set aside”
The judgment delivered on July 15, 2021 stated further: “That the order of Justice Liman stands in all its ramifications” and “That the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) are entitled to take possession of all that property subject of the Order of my Lord A.M. Liman on 16th day of February, 2021”
For this reason,it was gathered that the EFCC moved to take possession of Ms Nora’s house.A video soon hit Facebook showing a distraught Ms Nora weeping and accusing Dr Mike Adenuga,owner of GLO of wanting to ruin her life and forcefully take back all she owns over a crime she didnt commit.She went on to accuse him of having taking 30 years of her life,which saw her completely dedicated to him,in and outside of the workspace,but with no child to show for it.
In the video which has since gone viral,Ms Nora is seen wailing,and almost rolling on the floor begging the telecoms guru to let her be and not take the house that is the only thing she has to show for all her 30 years of labour for him.

The video has received mixed reactions from the public.While some are unsympathetic to her plight,claiming she enjoyed her time with Mike Adenuga while the going was good,many others felt the judgement was too severe to pass on her,going by her claims that she was more than just a PA to the telecoms guru and was just being dealt a serious blow because she dared to break up with him.
Some others however chose to see the video as her way to embarrassDr Mike Adenuga with her claim that he was more than her employer and also to stop the EFCC from carrying out the order.

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