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Fifi Safia Usman, Beautiful lnside & Out

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By Glam & Essence

So much has changed in the life of Fifi Usman ever since she made headlines news on the social media for the amazing results women who troop to her for skin consultation swear they get using her skincare line. Not only has she expanded her business terrain with the establish ment of her one in town beauty Spa, D Moon Spa, she’s equally taken a big step into motherhood, with three kids (Twin Boys and a girl) to show for it in less than 4 years.
However, the biggest change is her amazing figure that has not gone unnoticed by many of her admirers. Fifi flaunts a very sexy, vava voom figure and she takes pleasure in doing so in very sexy body hugging outfits. She shares her story with G&E publisher, Susan Eyo Ikpe.

When did you decide to go into the spa business fully, as you were more into the skincare product business solely?

I realised a lot of the spas only concentrate on just scrubbing the skin, taking you into the steam room, and give you all sorts of stuff and that’s it. Also, we had a lot of clients who complained to us that their visits to some spas resulted in breakouts and in some cases, their skin was damaged. One then wondered, the spa is supposed to help the skin, open the pores, so whatever product you use will work. But you find out that some of the spas want to go the cheaper route, they won’t take time to source for the right product suitable for different skin types. Even the techniques used to treat their client is wrong. For instance, if you are not meant to extract a client’s face, you see some trying to forcefully extract where there is no blackhead and that tends to infect the skin. So I thought for one to do well with my skincare range, I had better open my own spa.

How did you intend doing that well?

First of all, I am a Beauty Therapist, I studied basically on Aesthetic spa treatment, so I know the different kinds of treatment for different skin types.

So what do you offer different from what others do?

A lot of spas are coming up with different spa concepts. But I take my time to source for unique skincare products for all kinds of skin and I am fully involved in what goes on in my spa. I consult with my client first before any treatment is done on you, so as to give the client the best treatment and a total package to guarantee you a beautiful skin. On account of this, we have enjoyed great reviews from our clients. The thing is, we take our time to pamper the client and treat their skin, that even the client gets to say it’s too much pampering. We don’t rush the client’s treatment. You get value for your money even more than you paid for.

How do you incorporate your skincare line to what you do at the spa?

They are two different things, selling skincare and spa treatment. The latter has to do with much of exfoliation, scrub, acne treatment and so on. While the skincare line is just about what you apply or rub on your skin to maintain it well.

So what do you take into consideration before recommending your products?

Firstly, I ask them where last they have been treated and what products they have been using that did not work for them. Then I ask when last they were at the spa and some would say they scrub themselves. But no, it’s two different things. Scrubbing your skin yourself and going to the spa for a complete regimen are two different things. So, I advise them to come to the spa. There are affordable treatments that they can enjoy and help care for their skin.

You sound very sure of yourself?

Answer: I have been doing this for twelve years, been there and done that. I feel that once you have a lot of people come to you, make your mistakes along the way, trained on the job, you will get it right. I have not been wrong with treating my clients to get amazing flawless skin. The Moon Spa is a year old now, and it’s been great.

How do you intend to position the spa so it stays strong?

At first when I started the spa, we would be there till midnight. But now, I sit at the reception and see clients I don’t know who walks in. I think with referrals, the clientele has grown. You see, we give you value for your money and for one fact that I am in the industry and gone all over the world to see what other spas do, I see the technique they use and I try to keep that standard here. Just few spas here give value for your money, when you step out after the treatment invigorated.

Beyond the spa, we have seen Fifi evolve, becoming a well-known beautician. Also so much has changed from being a beautician to being a mother. Share this journey?

Motherhood has opened my eyes to how we relate with people. A client of mine complained that she has changed nannies severally and I ask, how do you treat them? I still have the same nannies that I have had when I gave birth to my twins three years ago, and now my third child. Let the nanny do nanny job and not overload them with other jobs, they will not be happy caring for your child. That’s how you can truly have time for yourself and not be distracted on your job. I do have the time and day for going to work, and when I stay in for my kids to spend time with them. I have learnt that you cannot do the job of motherhood alone, you need help. Thus, you need to treat your nanny well.

How has motherhood changed you?

I wouldn’t lie, it was overwhelming. My mom is late, even though my husband’s mom is alive. Sometimes, I wanted to scream, how I was going to handle this two babies at the same time. But I guess, you know, I waited a while before I had kids, so I was too happy at the same time to do all of that. Getting back to Nigeria after their birth in the United States, I had a lot of help because it’s much easy here.

However, like I tell women, do not let having kids separate you from your marriage. A lot of women make that mistake. Once they start having kids, they tend to deviate from their husband, their lifestyle and even stop looking well. Some people tell me that I look hotter now that I have kids than when I didn’t. I feel it’s the time to still stay beautiful regardless. The point is, you just need to let your husband know you are still the same woman he married and not lose that because of the kids. I find time for my husband and my kids and my work. I know women who totally changed after having kids. No more intimacy with their husbands, no wearing of sexy lingerie, no care for how they look. The result is that the man looks outside for what looks like what he married and not what you have become.   For men, they don’t change and that’s the truth. As a matter of fact, it’s the woman who should be testing, become men come in different shapes and sizes and the woman has only one entrance beneath. It’s the face that differs.

So do you counsel women alongside beautifying them?

I tell women that they need to improve on themselves physically. The gym is there to keep fit. You need to look nice, smell good. There are so many ways to enhance yourself. Don’t let the whole motherhood thing derail you, hence your relationship suffers.

After three kids, how did you manage to get your body back? You look hotter?

That’s what I do. We do all kinds of body enhancements and consultation on teaching women on what to do. It is for them to find us and we will tell you what to do to look hot and shapely.

What other line of beauty business do you see yourself exploring?

Everything about me has always been about beauty. But cooking is something I want to venture into. It’s a hobby of mine. I would probably have a restaurant in the future where I do special delicacies. I love cooking and I cook very well, but I feel this might take so much of my time as I would want to be involved in the whole process.

Style wise, what makes you feel complete?

Hair, jewellery, perfumes. I love strong perfumes. I love OUD, I love bold colours, glamorous stuff. I love glam.

Those who know you well know you have a good heart. Who would you attribute this to?

My mom, because my dad was mean. Everybody loved my mom because she was so sweet and down to earth. I am vulgar, anything can come out of my mouth. I can be talking to my gateman like he is my friend or brother. I don’t discriminate. I believe in relating with those down there as I believe they know a lot more than you give them credit. I tend to listen to them more. If you want to live long, you need to listen to what those below you say a lot and I would say that I am not a snub.

What has truly changed style wise for you?

My dress sense. Formerly, I never wore anything sexy, it was always boubou most of the time. But after I had kids, my eyes just opened to another thing entirely, that I just wanted to be hot all the time and sexy. I don’t want to go out and people are like, “oh! this girl don born”. I want to be able to tell you that I am a mother of three and you are like ‘’ are you serious?’’ I think that changed about me.

Besides your style, what else?

I think having children made me more responsible. I used to have lots of friends, it was all ‘’party party’’, but that part of me calmed down a bit. I have very few close friends, all working class women, who have something to contribute to my life. I became more careful now because I had many of my friends talking all kinds of crap. It’s a terrible thing when you don’t have kids on time after marriage. People tend to say all sorts, especially when you are doing well. People said I used my womb for money ritual, oh yeah, because they hate you or are jealous of you and your success. They don’t want to work hard and when you do and it pays off, they feel there must be something diabolic about it. They don’t believe God can bless the work of your hands. These are people who have seen you from your small beginnings. I started from a very small shop to where I am today. They just come along and feel everything is ‘’dejavu’’.

Now, I am very spiritual. That changed, and the way I look at people also changed. Formerly, I was a jolly good fellow, but now, I am very careful about people. I no longer open the doors of my home anyhow like I used to, because I realized that some of them view your actions with an intent behind it, like you are nice to them because you want to take their star. And I am like, ‘’where is your star? if you had one it will be here for you, so why will I take yours. It’s a really harsh world out there, no matter how down to earth you are. So I keep my family affairs to myself, because not all who come and offer a shoulder mean well for you. That aspect of my life changed, I am more into my husband and my kids.

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