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By Glam & Essence

The Lagos state governor Babajide Sanwo olu held a media briefing on Saturday 25 April,2020,stating the way forward in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus,in view of the continued rise in the number of person testing positive in the state.According to him,the state took some decisions to enable citizens of the state cope with the new reality of life in the face of the pandemic.Some of the decisions reached include:

  • The compulsory wearing of facial mask in Lagos State.
  • That Lagos State Government will commence the distribution of FREE facial mask from Sunday.
    But the Free Facial Mask from Lagos State Government might not go round Or get to Everyone.
    For that reason,the governor ask that corporate bodies and business owner provide face mask for their workers as a way of supporting the move by the State government.
    However,breaking of the order to wear a mask in public may not go unpunished.
    -Also,that all mortuaries in Lagos State are filled up, not because of deaths due to Covid-19,but because burials have not been carried out in Lagos State for 2 months now, due to the Lockdown of the State.Therefore, the Government is appealing to family members of corpses at mortuaries in Lagos to ensure that they carryout the funeral within the next 2 weeks,after which, the Government will be compelled to carry out mass burial, so as to discongest the Lagos State Mortuaries.
  • The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has approved the release of 209 Prisoners, as a way of Pardon.The criteria of selecting the Prisoners released/ granted pardon are :
  • They are more than 60years of age.
  • They have less than 6years more to serve in prison.
    But on whether the Federal Government will state if the Lockdown will be relaxed Or not cannot be confirm for now.

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