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Helen Paul, Living True To Herself

By Glam & Essence

Just recently, Helen Paul broke the internet when she revealed something from her past that nobody could ever relate to this funny and lively entertainer. She recently reacted to the buzz that followed from people over her post on Instagram that she is a product of rape.

If there is one woman who has chosen to just love herself and be happy with herself, it’s Helen Paul, one of Nigeria’s brilliant comedienne. Helen, who took many by surprise when she got her PhD from the University of Lagos, again. Shocked Nigerian’s with the revelation that she was a product of rape.
The revelation was made when she went on her instagram page to dedicate her achievement on obtaining a PhD to her mother. The revelation went viral and was received with a whole lot of reaction from various quarters. While a few castigated her for making such a heavy secret’ public majority of Nigerians applauded her for her boldness.

She recently addressed the rape issue, while also sharing why she took the bold step of educating herself as she has. Going back to school for Helen was a deliberate decision, encouraged by her husband “School in Nigeria truthfully can be difficult, but I chose to look at it as a battle that must win, whose thing that can happen is to start and drop out. Sometimes, it can be frustrating. When I first stated my PhD, the first year, I was running, around trying tired. I remember speaking with my husband and he said, “Sweetheart, I’m writing exams for my second masters and I ask what it was about. And he said it was a masters in Business Administration. That’s where I got the courage to go ahead, get the form. I left the PhD for a while and I focused on my second masters.”
With three masters and a PhD to her credit. Helen is now one of Nigeria’s most educated Entertainer, having trained in Mass Communication at the FRCN and also attended the Lagos Business School studding Media and Communication.

No doubt, Helen has proven that it is no push over and is well horned to do what she does well. But she broke the internet with her revelation of her being a product of rape. While many wonder why Helen chose a time this to put that out at the height of her achievement, she chose to see it as nothing to be faced about.
“But it’s my mother’s story, I dedicated the Doctorate degree to her and mentioned the thy I know and that she told me. Of course, she felt I shouldn’t I say it, isn’t it also part of my own life story.”
According to Helen, she got to know about her birth situation from an early age, while growing up. “In fact I like the badge Bastard; people would say to me ‘Omo ale, bo si egbe kan (Bastard Child, stand aside) so I growing knowing that I was born a bastard. But I told myself that I would grow up and do better than those born by to parents they know. It was a driving factor for me: The upbringing I got as a result has really helped me, and I don’t trust anybody.

I remember growing up as a child and one of my cousin’s in church said something that reshaped me. We were in Sunday School Class and a question was asked. I’m a very jumpy, active child and I tried to quote the scripture the Sunday school teacher asked. I got it right and the teacher turned to my cousin, who say was tired and to say “see you sister, she’s attentive; but my daddy is not her daddy” that incident, I stopped calling her father my daddy. Because her father was my uncle, he was married to my Aunty. We were children, but that experience never left me” Helen said.
This experience; becoming the motivating factor for Helen to do better and achieve in as far as Helen is concern everybody has their own story. “For some they lost their father at an early age and that changed their path, while for some, it’s a battle with poverty that caused them disgrace. But the victory you here is to live past that experience by excelling.”.

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