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by Ayoyinka Falade


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Ladies often ask this question: “How can one look expensive on a small budget?”

First thing to know is this, even if you were wearing a blouse that costs N100,000 or a dress that cost N250,000 and you do not know how to put a look together, then the price of the outfit becomes insignificant!

Now finding the right style that suits you can be quite challenging for most people but there are SO many resources to help you work this out – especially when you remember this is YOUR appearance and except you’re ok with not looking your best (which is a lie!) then it is recommended that you learn! Learn how to better style yourself!


Quite frankly, one doesn’t need to be a millionaire to pull off a decent look, if you are not able to walk into the closet you have now and pull this off – you need to get to learning.  Yes, there are several different things to take into consideration when getting dressed; for instance, what is the event? Colors/prints? What type of shoe do you want to wear and does this shoe work with your outfit? What necklace would look best with your outfit? How to pull off a dressed up, casual look? And the list goes on… Do not let that overwhelm you!



Make sure you have enough options in your wardrobe so you can easily transition pieces within your closet because if you lack options, you’re stuck.  It can’t be stressed enough the importance of taking the time to invest in building a wardrobe – it saves time, it saves money and it gives you options.


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Styling your look is what “makes” your look and what incorporates your personal sense of style – it can be something as simple as tucking in your shirt and adding a necklace to your outfit.  Anyone can wear a tee and jeans but not everyone looks the same wearing it. How do you style it in a way to appear more put together and more you? That needs to be the thought process when you are looking to dapper up your look.  For example, a loose-fitting tee and boyfriend jeans combo paired with flats VS a fitted tee and boyfriend jeans combo paired with heels and accessorized well– You see the difference?




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It’s not about how much you spend or how much you have; it is about how you style it.  How many times have you heard the saying, “do not underestimate the power of your accessories” – sometimes it’s your accessories that make and transform your look.

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Stop worrying about, “I do not have the funds to buy designer so how can I pull off a look that appears expensive” – you can style a Louboutin black pump and a Steve Madden black pump with your look and STILL create a look that appears expensive, the only thing missing is the red bottom which has nothing to do with how you put your look together.


Plus you must be willing to take the time to perfect your styling techniques otherwise; you can’t expect to see a difference in your appearance and an increase in your bank account. There are tons of eBooks (RESOURCE!) to help you with all of your fashion struggles and educating you on when to save money by learning what to invest in or save on, how to use accessories to transform your look and maximize what you have, how to use accessories year round to different styling techniques to accessorize (LEARN!) – utilize these resources and begin applying this to your life and see the change (PRACTICE!).  And don’t forget to have fun!

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