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Investors Storm Late Oko Oloyun’s Office to Demand For Their Money

By Glam & Essence

It was a troubling sight at the LASU Road office of late Alhaji Fatai Yusuf, popularly known as Oko Oloyun,where several people in Lagos stormed the place to demand the money they invested in his Ponzi scheme.
The popular Lagos-based trado-medical expert was murdered on Thursday on the road while travelling to Iseyin, Oyo State. He was reportedly attacked by some hoodlums at Igboora.
Following his demise,some people who had invested money in his Ponzi scheme, known as “Option C” stormed the Head office of his company to demand for how to retrieve the money they had invested into it.
To the surprise of these investors on arrival at his two offices at Egba Idowu along Igando road in Lagos,they found that the two offices were shut with no one to answer their questions.
These investors are set to go all the way to get get answers on how to get their money back from those running the organisation after the demise of the popular trado- herbal expert. Some of the investors in “Option C” programme narrated how much they had invested and insisted they could not afford to lose their hard-earned money.
Option C is a money-making programme that promised a 10% return in two months.
According to an investor,he invested in the scheme in July 2019 and had only received returns once, contrary to the agreement of two months as stated by the program.
Another female investor said she had invested millions of naira since he joined the programme in December 2018. She said she had only received N500,000 from her investment and that she was not sure of her fate as it concerns how to retrieve her invested capital.
She claimed that the inconsistency in payment had made he want to ask for her money back, but rescinded her decision when she was told that she could not get her investment back.
With tears in their eyes,several others recount how they got caught in the scheme that could cost them the loss of their investment.
Some of the investors who had visited the house of the late Oko Oloyun in Lagos, alleged that they were denied access by the security men, who told them that ,“Alhaja said we should not allow anybody to come in, they are all in Ibadan.”
However, a security man at Oko Oloyun’s Egan Idowu office alleged that one of the rooms in the head office was intentionally burnt by unknown men prior to Oko Oloyun’s death,and
the workers who were on duty had since been arrested.

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