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Joke Silva Speak On How She And Her Husband Operate

By Glam & Essence

In the Nigeria’s film industry, Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs have earned the admiration and respect of many with their union which has endured over the years. In an industry where marriages regularly crash, it is indeed commendable that the couple’s marriage has been tested and is still stronger in love after 36 years. During the week, Jacobs celebrated his seventy-seventh birthday and his wife melted the hearts of many with the lovely message she sent to him on the day.
She revealed what is responsible for the success of their marriage. “It’s not as if ours is better than anybody else; just that we are in the public eye. However, it is by God’s grace to have a very good friend in the person you marry. And we try our best, as humanly possible, to be honest with each other. This means that when one is upset with the other, one lets the other person know. It is majorly all about friendship; I really don’t know how to articulate it.”
Joke also noted that the couple never mixed business with pleasure. She added, “Of course, there has to be a separation (between work and home). We don’t mix business with pleasure. There is a difference between our lives in movies and our lives at home. Work is fiction, even though we try to pass real messages across. At home, we are faced with real life issues such as diesel in the generator, home helps, doctor’s appointments and other things.”
Sparing some advice for young entertainers, especially those who married within the industry, Silva said, “I find it very difficult to give people advice because we all have different situations. But something that always works is patience. And as much as possible, try to be honest with each other. However, it is honesty that is not cruel. You have to understand that there is cruel and wicked honesty, and loving honesty as well. It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get angry, but you don’t have to cross the line of getting violent. Violence is not only physical; it can also be emotional. However, at the end of the day, the most important factor is God. I am happy that we have weathered our storms over the years in our 36 years of marriage. I am not sure I would have said the same thing I’m saying now 20 years ago. Perhaps, then, I could have asked his people to come and carry him and take him to wherever they wanted.”
(Source:Sunday Scoop)

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