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Kate Henshaw Calls Out Women Who Bleach Their Babies Skin

By Glam & Essence

Popular Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw is very angry right now.Her anger is over a trend now going on, where some women now use bleaching creams on their innocent dark babies to turn their  skin into a light skin.Kate took to her social media to call out these mothers who buy unverified products to ‘glow their babies’as some of them her describing the reason for their action.

The actress asked the mothers to leave their babies out of their madness, describing such acts as women transferring self-loathing to their child by bleaching them.

Hear Kate,“This is where I draw the line!!! Selling all sorts of unverified products to mothers telling them to glow their babies with a flawless shower bath!! What is this self-loathing that you want to transfer to children?? For 20k or 30k you want to destroy a future for aesthetic value??”

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