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Muka Nwokedi, Takes Up The Word Ministry

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By Glam & Essence

For over two decades, Muka Nwokedi and her twin sister, Nina have be come famous for their beauty brand, Charisma Cosmetics. (the twins daughters of the famous captain Augustine Okpe). With their beauty line, Muka and her sister calved a niche for themselves among many celebrity women striving for beautiful skin. But this is not what Muka, who is the Co MD/ CEO of Charisma Cosmetics, a business she co-own with her twin sister, Nina, is focused on right now, Muka, who is married with 3 children, is taking a bold step of faith to surrender to a decade pull to heed God’s call to His service. She opened up to G n E ‘ s JOMBO UCHE, on how she is finding fulfillment in the spoken word ministry God has called her into. She equally spoke about her cosmetics business she runs with her twin sister for.

How did the Word ministration start for you?

It all started in my Church. TREM (The Redemmed Evangelical Mission) I have been in the church for the last 20 Years and I found that was living with the  word.

Exactly 10 years ago,the Lord spoke to me from Isaiah 51 vs 16,”I have put my words in your mouth. I started  learning the word, it got to a point that even if I am talking to people or I am in the bathroom, I found myself saying  the word of God ,even in my prayers.

In church anytime we have a program I just tell them I have something to say and they will ask me where is it coming from, and I will give them the verse. Some how, I found out ,that  I was not allowed to go outside the word, because at  first, I though it was a calling to be a Pastor. I started thinking about calling thing, but I found out that I have a true being the very reason why I am here same with everybody. There is your true identity that is sitted in your spirit.

Everybody haS this nudgeing feeling of something that is innate in your soul of what you are called to do.

No matter what we do ,there is a signature on our soul and spirit on what we are here for.

I have been a successful business woman, but as i was growing in grace and in church,people were always coming to me, asking me to  share what I have with the world. that’s what I am doing now.

What was the experience like,  did you had a special encounter from God, like a trance or vision and dreams?

Well, my mandate came  through several encounters,

personal experience, dreams, trance and visions. Even in church, whenever a  word comes in the course of the sermon, it hits me like  a 2 edged sword, that way, you know God is talking to you.

At some point, I was feeling very unfulfilled when I read the book  on ” life lessons. “Somebody said something that  struck me and that was ,”what is really really you? “I found out the for me, it was the spoken and it was not something I wanted to do.

Being in the business world or in your social life I did not know it will be this.

I have all this pieces together, this formed what am doing now, I am at peace with myself.

Do you feel fulfilled doing what you are doing?

We are all called to do something for God, some are called to be gospel artiste, but they are doing secular songs. Some are  speakers or politician but they are called to be preachers.Those resonating energy and the nudgeing feeling is what makes you to  sit down and be meditating on how to go about your vision. It is because you know you have something more to do.

Back to your question, I am my  happiest self now.

I have so much joy, it so fulfilling ,I speak to my nuclear family and they listen and everybody is saying, Muka has the gift of words.

For everyone out there you need to find your own. Once you find  it, you will find this  explosive  peace and joy ,you will find  out that people are willing to listen when you speak.

What platforms are you going to use to let this message out?

I have been doing this for 10 years,I have been on different stages in church.

Sometimes people ask me if I have acted before, I always tell them that I have never acted before, It is funny  how people try to compare spiritual thing with acting. Aside from that, this is the first time I am  coming out to talk about it,I have business interviews, but never about the ministry. We are working on our DVD  production,this is the first time I am doing  production outside .It took me 10 years to speak out.

As a successful cosmetic manufacturer and importer as well, how are you going to balance it?

There is no balance ,this is who I am,

You mean none is going to suffer for the other?

I dont think anyone will suffer for the other, we all do business and always do our ministries as well, as I speak to you. My business is one of my ministry sponsor.

What is the way forward?

You are going  to be hearing from me on different platforms, I will be speaking the raw word of God on different platforms. It’s been 10 years coming, this is the first time of letting it out.

There is somethingmagical about twins is your sister in agreement with you on this ministry?

Yes of course, my twin sister, Nina is very much in support of my ministry. She is one of my advisers and I share everything about the ministry with her. I send her my video before it is released, she watches it and ask me to go ahead.

How long have you been in business?

Our  company is a second generation business, it was established by my late mother, almost 40 years ago.

But myself and my sister took over 25 Years ago, when we came back from the United states, and we have grown the company to what it is today. Despite the economic challenges in the country, we have been able to thrive.

We stock ahead, we manufacture  here and imports as well. We also import chemicals and materials as well.

For a business that has been in existence for over 40 years what is your success secret?

Well, Charisma Cosmetic is not a general product per say, but a signature product. It was bred and nutured like a child born with a silver spoon, our faces is on it and our family faces too. Our products are organic products, and good for anyone to use. We are particular about what we claim our product is ,we have

FdA  and Nafac licenses for both local and international.

Did you or sister study about cosmetic manufacturing?

Well no, my sister, and studied Business Administration. While I Majored in marketing she majored in Accounting.

But over the years ,we have gone for many intensive trainings on cosmetic manufacturing and marketing abroad, including workshops and seminars on that, is line of our business.

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