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PDP Leaders Angry With Oyo Gov. Seyi Makinde

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By Glam & Essence

Despite the major strides that the Oyo state governor has been making in the state that has earned the PDP accolades among the people in the state who voted him in,it seems all is not well between him and the state PDP leaders.
It was gathered that his recent appointment of technocrats into his government as oppose to political supporters mandated by the party may be stirring up crisis that may split the Oyo State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) apart.The crisis,insiders say has taken a new dimension, as party leaders have reportedly threatened to stay away from the governor as a result of the recent appointments he made in his cabinet. Stakeholders in the PDP are kicking and insisting that major appointments must first be made from among ‘real party loyalists’.
Suppprters of Gov.Makinde are however calling the PDP leader’s bluff, claiming that Governor Makinde owes them nothing,as he was the major financier of the party in the past five years ,which reportedly encouraged many of the party stalwarts to return to the party due to his large financial support.
His huge financial backing and agenda they claimed it was that earned him the win for the office of governor. crisis began when the governor began making His appointments from among technocrats, his supporters say is for the development of Oyo state,rather than just to satisfy a few people in his party.His snubbing of party leaders suggested list of cabinet appointees without given consideration to party stakeholders has earned him their wrath
Some PDP supporters close to the governor said that the governor was not obliged to console the aggrieved party members, alleging that they supported him ”only because of his money”,while insisting that the governor has since settled them financially for their support during the campaign period.

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