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Peaceful Owoghiri Launches The REVAMP Bow Tie Collection

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By Susan Eyo Ikpe

One couture designer who is exciting a lot of fashion lovers across the country is Peaceful Owoghiri, the Creative Director and CEO of the luxury fashion label, REVAMP by PeacefulO
A Proudly 100% Nigerian Couture outfit,REVAMP has been churning out very eye catching couture pieces in its 10 years of being in the creative business of fashion,that has made her a go to designer.Based in the garden city of Port Harcourt in Rivers State,Peaceful’s major focus with
Revamp is to position it as an exclusive couture luxury brand that cater for women with discerning taste.
“Our pieces are vintage inspired with an afro-centric flavour.
We draw our inspiration from the 20s – 70s fashion era to create timeless pieces with a modern twist. All our collections over the years, have been consistently vintage inspired. These retro-chic designs are elegant, bold and timeless.
We always keep it classic and chic for the confident urban woman with refined taste. “
Peaceful describes herself as an old soul herself, ” so I am naturally drawn to things of bygone era as they appeal to my essence and sensibilities. My designs are a mirror to my soul.”she explained.
This can clearly be seen in her latest collection,which had a play with bows,using fabrics like velvet ,lace and satin to recreate them,from dainty sized bow to the over- the-top size bow.So why the choice to make the Bow Tie trend on the new REVAMP collection?
Hear her,”the velvet bows, lace and tapestry trimmings that feature on our pieces is to give that whimsical edge to our designs. It is done in our own unique way, to give individuality to each outfit which appeals to the exclusive taste of the Revamp woman.
While it is a trend from an era long gone, but Peaceful has successfully recreate the look,making it trendy for today’s trendy woman without it looking dated or awkward.

According to Peaceful,”The bow is a timeless piece of accessory like the Tie. It is beautiful all on its own and can never be dated. Its beauty is the reason it features in all form of decoration and beautification. We at Revamp love it because it gives our outfit that stylish edgy look that is playful, fresh and timeless all at thesame time.
But REVAMP recreate the trend in a couture styled look on each piece.
“Haute Couture is a way of life for women who want to always standout and avoid the embarrassment of wearing the same dress as a friend to dinner or bumping into a total stranger wearing the same outfit at an event. Some also go bespoke, because their body type require their outfit to be custom fitted, while some crave the impeccable finishing, fit and excellent customer care that is synonymous with Couture services.
With Couture ,you feel special, it is a decadent experience, for those who know..”explained Peaceful.

In this modern economy where fast fashion has become the go to with instagram sharing of photos, designs and duplication of styles, retailed from everywhere,Peaceful shares the secret of how she remains relevant in the fashion business.
“We are here because women are still very much interested in investment purchases. There is an emergence of new breed of young women who are prepared to spend their hard earned money on custom made, classy one-of-a-kind piece of clothing, because they feel special and believe they deserve the best.
Classy women want to own an outstanding outfit that will last years and still get the oohs and aahs whenever it is worn. They want to reinhabit the story of wearing a beautiful piece each time they put it on, that is what you get with REVAMP outfits..Timeless elagance and an awesome experience always.”

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