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President Buhari Voids Appointments Made By Late Abba Kyari

By Glam and Essence

Nigeria’s President,Muhammadu Buhari has reportedly directed his new Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, to cancell all appointments and approval by the late Chief of Staff Abba Kyari, who died from coronavirus complications last month.
Though no reason was given for the President’s alleged action, there are reports that no less than 150 memos without the president’s authorization may have been uncovered. As a result of the uncovering of these appointments,it was gathered that the President has ordered an investigation of the appointments.On account of this development,a conversation on Twitter has been sparked by a faction of people asking how the President was kept in the dark when Kyari approved over 150 memos. It had to take Kyari’s death for the president to realise that his late COS was doing something suspect. This revelation has also sparked the rumour that some fifth columnists within the presidency are rejoicing over the death of Kyari,as they had been denied access to the president while he was alive.

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