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Richard Mofe Damijo Reveals Why Turning 60 Is A Big Deal For Him

By Glam & Essence

Nigeria’s most celebrated Nollywood iconic actor/producer, Richard Mofe Damijo, popularly known as RMD,will be turning 60 in July and he is excited about that,and for a very special reason too.

RMD disclosed this in an interview #withChude hosted by Red Media Africa, which was shared on social media on Tuesday.
He revealed that turning 60 for him was a rare privilege,as his parents never had such an opportunity,as they both passed away before getting to the age of 60.
He admitted that seeing that he will be 60 in a few months is a relief for him,to have broken the yoke that proved unbreakable for his parents.

According to RMD, he was constantly haunted and burdened emotionally as a result of his parents death and why they died before turning 60.
So to see that he is attaining the 60s club became a big deal for him.And for that reason,he plans to celebrate it in a big way.

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