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Senator Florence Ita Giwa Begs Cross River Youths To Stop The Destruction

Cross RiverState’s most influential Senator, Florence Ita Giwa did the unthinkable when she went on her knee at Calabar’s most revered roundabout, to plead with youths of the State to desist from the destruction of lives and properties.
Ita Giwa did this at about 12:00 am at the Calabar most populous and traditionally revered roundabout, ‘Itiad Udi Abasi Orok’, Watt market, Calabar to plead with the aggrieved youths urging them to stop further destruction of properties within the State, which is mostly under the Efik Kingdom.
While on her knees, lta Giwa, who was speaking in her native Efik language, burst into tears as she pleaded with the youths to desist from the dastardly act of property vandalization, noting that the only time her knees were bent was during her coronation by the Obong of Calabar and this time which signals to the fact that their points have been heard loud and clear.
She also noted that the place for which she kneels is very iconic to the Efik Kingdom, known for sanity, non-violence and non-tolerance for bloodshed. Hear her,
“Please my children, we are not oblivious of the fact that we’ve wronged you, your country Nigeria has failed you, the elders have failed you but please stop the violence”, she pleaded passionately while demanding that her Canaan City should be given back to her. Her tears weren’t lost on those around her who watched her on her knees making her pleas to the youth. In return, they appealed to her not to cry, while assuring her that she has been heard

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