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Simi Tells Adekunle Gold That He Can’t Pay Her Fees

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By Glam & Essence

Nigerian celebrity couple, Adekunle Gold and Simi are known for displaying their sense of humour and goofiness on Twitter,.One such tweet was by Simi, saying the former cannot pay her dues.
Adekunle Gold had asked if she would do a cover for him, if he releases the instrumental for his latest single, ‘Young Love’
Simi’s response to her husband was that he cannot afford to pay her.
Earlier this year, Simi reacted to a video of a couple, wherein the man rapped about his partner’s makeup tutorials.
Reacting, Simi teased her husband saying the guy in the video doesn’t have two heads, and Adekunle Gold can not rap.
“@adekunleGOLD pls does he have 2 heads? Small rap, you can’t rap.”
Responding to Simi’s tweet, Adekunle wrote, “Either you accept that I am just a fantastic singer or go and meet J cole. pick one.”

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