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Tekno Reacts To His Dancing With Gogo Girls Video

By Glam & Essence

Nigerian singer, Tekno has cleared the air about a viral video which showed him dancing with some ladies in a transparent truck.
The video which went viral on social media caused a lot of reactions from the public as well as authorities.Reports has it that, the advertising agency involved in the compaign had been sanctioned till further notice for promoting indecency.
And in a bid to clear all confusion, Tecno explained what actually happened in the truck.
According to him, he had no reason to be dancing with the ladies because there was no music or ventilation in the truck.
The ‘Pana’ crooner added that they were shooting a music video and the viral video was filmed by midnight.
In his statement he wrote that he respects the decency in Lagos and transparent truck incident was not an advert for a strip club.The video was greeted by mixed feelings,both from his fans and critics

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