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The Hottest Gele Looks

By Glam & Essence

The African woman and her ever evolving style but one thing is constant for her and will ever remain so through, and that is the fact that a well done head fear, better know in Nigeria as gele must complete an outfit.

Gele has been in existing for ever and gone through phases, where our mothers use to gust tie it anyhow and phases when it because refined, where Banke Meshida-Lawal of MB Pro made the gele prettier with the creation of the bridal gele around 2000. The question now was how long will we continue to battle with tying gele without a permanent solution, like you have with ready made dresses, you wear and you are off.
Then came about the Auto Gele that yours sincerely invented in 2015 since then, the gele has evolved, both hand tied and automatically made hence the name Auto-Gele.
So how do you wear the Auto gele, taking into consideration the occasion.
There is the traditional auto gele that mimicks the normal pleated nomded geles, more suitable for the traditional designs like Iro and Buba attire and sometime shirts and blouses. And it can be came elaborate, depending on how spectacular the design of the attire.

Then comes the Ascot or Icon gele so named because of its similarity with the styles of hats/fascinators worn to the famous Ascot event in London.
Basically, the Ascot gele/fascinator also an invention of yours sincerely a Abeke Makeover, the Ascot geles are designed to look like hats, although made with Aso-Oke, as well the Sego gele it’s styled to come towards the front of your head or side depending on what you prefer. There are more appropriate for the avante garde look.

And if you want to give twist, then you can do the Ascot gele. It trends to give you that western look. And it’s the most convenient of all of the trending styles in gele at the moment, as all you do is put your head into by snapping the velco on to fasten it in place it is a beautiful.
Trending also is the new look for ladies who don’t want the too well done look. The style was stated by Omon of Beauty Cook. It’s called the Switch gele. Now there are several versions of it and even now, it’s been done in the auto-gele format. The Switch gele works whether it is worn on Iro and Buba, Iro and blouse or skirt and blouse. It fascinates many wears of this style because of how it gives that youthful look that is quite fresh and soft.
Several gele looks are coming up, but some come with a challenge, on account of that finished look.
For sure gele is trending like never before and there is no age limit to hooked today’s women are to the many version being experimented.

Source: Glam & Essence Magazine

Glam & Essence Magazine