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This Day Publisher,Nduka Obaigbema Turns 60

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By Susan Eyo-lkpe

Nigeria’s most celebrated media ICON , Prince Nduka Obaigbena,the publisher of THISday newspapers has hit the diamond age of 60. The Duke as he is fondly called has surely left a major mark in the world of was clear to all when he set out on the journey as a publisher in 1986, when he founded This Week magazine,that he was going to make a difference in that sector that would set him apart. Having worked for various publications including the TIME magazine and Newsweek magazine,it was with a lot of boldness and gut that he took off with The Week,which was later rested, but he bounced back with This Day newspaper in 1995,which has witnessed innovations,like colour printing to the unique life style publication, This Day Style,that saw the Sunday edition a favourite of women.No doubt, This Day became a platform for many seasoned journalists to express themselves with their insightful articles that soon announced them to a bigger,influential audience. The likes of Segun Adeniyi,who went on to become the Special Adviser on Media to the late President Yar Adua, Simon Kolawole,now the publisher of the online Newspaper,The Cable,Dan Akpowa,also a Publisher among several others. You can’t help but admire Nduka’s daring spirit and never say die attitude.This can best be seen when he ventured into the world of cable Tv with Arise News .The terrain came with its challenges that almost buried the project and financially shake the Duke, but for Nduka Obaigbena, it’s another challenge to conquer. Today, Arise News stands as one of the most watched channels on DSTV,while enjoying huge adverts patronage from local and international brands,all of who have bought into the vision of Arise News and its reach.Regardless of his shortfalls, the is no doubt that on account of his influence, he has facilitated several political appointments for the younger people he encountered in the course of his career. This Day boasts of possibly the largest pool of political appointees in Nigeria from any media organisation. As he turns 60 today,many of these young people Nduka has helped in changing the course of their life for good have been celebrating this man ,who has positively influenced the course of their careers. We celebrate The Duke at 60.

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