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Timi Dakolo Takes On COZA Pastor, Fatoyinbo

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By Glam & Essence

For a while now, Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo has been expressing his disgust over the activities of the Abuja based COZA Pastor, Abiodun Famoyinbo. Obviously not  ready to let the handsome pastor sweep his questionable activities in his church under the carpet,Timi has taken to his Instagram handle to call out Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo , the founder of The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) over his alleged sexual relationship with female church members.

In a series of post on Thursday, the singer called on members of the church to “try and find” these ladies and men who have at one time come out to say their truth but got shut up by the pastor and his “criminal lawyers”.


“DEAR AGGRIEVED AND AGGRESSIVE CHURCH MEMBERS, PLEASE USE THE SAME ENERGY YOU ARE USING TO CALL ME, AND THREATEN ME OR SLIDE INTO MY DM TO SEARCH FOR THIS VICTIMS AND ASK THEM WHAT REALLY HAPPEN. THAT IS WHAT JESUS WILL Do.He continued, “From florin to Abuja to Lagos to Dubai to Port Harcourt to London and any city he visits, your pastor is leaving a trail of broken women, sexually abused and mentally strangled. From Avalanche to Gratitude, from Pastoral Care Unit to Host and Hostesses, from witty Inventions to Hospitality Unit. They are found in every department in that “Church”. He hand picks his victims and ruins them. 

“So none of you wonder why a dedicated church worker or leader stop coming to church and don’t want to talk about it. Suddenly rumors start flying around the person being evil, I will tell you all straight up, all your branch pastors know about this evil going on for years and are part of it. 

“Some of the victims they will threaten some they will pay off and some they will spur by isolating from the “Church Members”. Oga “Criminal Lawyer” always ready to do the dirty work behind the scenes just to drown the truth. Dear Church Members, try and find these ladies and men to hear their side of the truth before crucifying them or branding them evil. Trust me, their side of the story will SHOCK YOU.

“Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm? They have used that line to scam us well well. How we carefully uproot a scripture and give it an interpretation that soothes us without actually knowing the context with which it was said./ Both the congregation and the pastor are very much anointed. Jesus did not die two separate death. One for the pastor and another for the congregation. The House of God is a place of prayer not a den of thieves.”

This would not be the first time the stylish pastor would be called out for sexual activities with his female members.It will be recalled that in 2013, a former church member, Ese Walter had in a blog post revealed her alleged sexual encounter with Pastor Fatoyinbo in a hotel in Lagos. 

According to her at the time, the Pastor told her to feel at home and should not be “shy”.

She alleged that he told her to order for “alcohol, feel free and order what you want.”

Ese Walters said she felt guilty at first that she and the pastor were getting involved, however, Mr. Fatoyinbo told her that he will  “ teach you a level of grace that you don’t understand.”

Since Timi made this outburst on his instagram page,the social media has been boiling with reactions from followers of both parties.However,the pastor has not responded to the allegation levelled on him by Timi.

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