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Toyin Lawani Takes On Swanky Jerry

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By Glam & Essence

Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has been in the news following the fashion fallout from the AMVCA event which took place in Lagos last weekend. With none of her designs failing to make the red carpet votes,she has had to react to the comments made on social media about her styling.

One of those who mocked her work is stylist, Swanky Jerry.
Toyin has since replied him, describing Swanky, who is her former employee as an ingrate.

Toyin had called the best-dressed recognition a joke but Swanky, the current stylist for Mercy Eke, took a swipe at Toyin calling her tired and local. 

Toyin,the CEO of Tiannah Empire replied Swanky Jerry in her Instagram post.
Her post on Instagram reads; “People don’t like the truth, so when you speak it they hate you.Most of y’all are cowards.

today ,I realized English is a big problem for some people, we all write differently, Nigerians y’all all love to twist things and hate, so if I state my opinion does it mean that Mercy’s outfits or Mikes outfits are

not nice, y’all are jokers like I said and if you don’t know the meaning of joke go and check the dictionary hiss.

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