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Uche Ogbodo Spill About Her Life

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By Jumbo Uche

Film producer, actress and mom of one, 33-year-old Uche Ogbodo recently shared nude pictures of herself to mark another birthday today.

According to Uche, she did not choose to become a single mother, but she found herself in the situation, which she cannot change.

These photos have put social media into a frenzy already.

She wrote:

I didn’t choose this Life, this Life Chose me.

I didn’t Choose to Be Born without a Silver Spoon, the option wasn’t given to me.

I never chose to be born in Poverty, To grow Up in the Ghetto, To Drop Out of School , I just Found mySelf there.

I didn’t choose to be a STAR, although I Knew l was Special. My Parents knew it too, until Nollywood chose me. .

I always dreamt and prayed for love, for a real man a husband, for a happy Family , But Single MOTHERHOOD chose me.

They All Chose ME without My Permission!

The Only Choice I have Is in Choosing Who I want ME to BE, A GODDESS. 

So before you criticise me, PRAY for me, I need my strength, your strength, and divine strength. .

Because this woman right here has seen the good, the bad and the ugly….but I survived.

A Goddess is not afraid to Fail. For no matter how many times life knocks me down, I will get right up.

For I have what it takes, FIERCE, SIMPLE, CRAZY, SMART, STRONG, hehehe to Rewrite My STORY. .

Happy birthday to me.

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