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US Embassy Calls For Link Between lnternational, Domestic Terminals

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By Glam & Essence

The United States Embassy, has urged the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), to link the international and domestic terminals of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, to facilitate transit of passengers.

Mr Michael Carney, Deputy Economic Councilor, US Embassy, made the call when he visited the Managing Director of FAAN, Mr Hamisu Yadudu on Thursday, in Abuja.
Carney said that the current arrangement, where transit international passengers would have to struggle to access the domestic terminal before flying to other destinations, was not good for its personnel.
He urged the authority to take urgent action to address the situation, adding that the embassy was ready to provide technical support to FAAN, if called upon.
According to him, the airport transfer in Lagos was not effective and convenient for travellers.
The Councilor said it was especially cumbersome, to take another private transport in order to move from one terminal to another.

He, therefore, advised FAAN to provide authorised vehicle for the transfer of passengers between terminals at the airport.
“Trying to work schedules out is not as convenient as trying to get people to Lagos.
“The problem is that US government is not going to allow its personnel to go on public transport and find their way on public travel, to get away to Abuja.
“It is not going to happen for obvious reasons.
There should be some sort of route in which the bus can move from one terminal to the next.
FAAN MD, Yadudu,onbhos response assured the delegation that the authority had a plan to construct a short monorail, between the domestic and international terminals.
He said that the authority nevertheless, also had plans to do something as a palliative before such major project would be executed to facilitate passenger movements at the airport.
According to him, such development would make the airport more attractive to passengers because FAAN is for passengers and stakeholders.
Yadudu pledged that FAAN would take urgent steps to address the challenge.
“I am guaranteeing you that we will sit down and go through this, ahead of the completion of the expanded terminal.
“Ahead of the completion of the building, let us see how we can connect the airports, even if it is a shuttle service using luxury buses and create proper routes for them, where they can embark and disembark.
“In the next two months, we will keep you updated in case we might need some kinds of technical advice from you since you have the experience,” he said.
Yadudu also informed the delegation that the government had developed a plan on how to remodel the existing terminal when it moved operations to the new terminal.

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