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US President, Donald Trump Terminate Ties With WHO

By Glam & Essence

After suspending funding to the World Health Organisation a few months ago, the President of the United States of America,Donald Trump has announced on Friday that he was cutting ties with the World Health Organization,bring to an end the hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the UN agency, as the deadly coronavirus pandemic rages on.
As a result of Trump’s move,many health experts are speculating that his move is likely to stir up fear and shock around the world, particularly in parts of the world where the outbreak has yet to reach its peak.
Trump had earlier suspended funding to the WHO, accusing it of not doing enough to curb the initial spread of the coronavirus as well as accusing the body of enabling China with a coverup, where the global outbreak began last year.Speaking to reporters Trump based his decision to terminate the huge financial support to WHO on how
they failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms.

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