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By Glam & Essence

Members of the Women lnitiatve Advocacy,Social Justice And Empowerment group (WAISE)recently reacted to the news of the murder of Ms. Laetitia Naankang Dagan, an Assistant Director of Administration at the State House, Abuja.
The late Ms. Dagan was murdered at her residence by individuals who are yet to be identified or apprehended by the Nigerian security agencies, though government officials have been quick to issue their usual assurances that the incident will be investigated and have apparently arrested a suspect as at today.
The members of the group,WAISE,whose President is Princess Kemi Adewunmi are concerned about the level of insecurity in the country under the present administration,which has long been a topical issue of concern for all well-meaning Nigerians. The fact that the assailants were able to gain entry to the apartment of a senior employee of the State House to commit this dastardly act begs belief. So the question WAISE members are asking is:
What then is the hope of the ordinary Nigerian?
Ms. Dagan’s gruesome murder highlights the dire need for the Federal Government to urgently address the issue of insecurity and accord it the priority which it deserves.
WAISE members do not just want this to be a matter that will be concluded in a matter of weeks after some phony claims that some suspects have been arrested. Members of WAISE therefore demand that this be taken seriously and properly dealt with. It should be noted that she was killed on the eve of the 2nd year anniversary of the abduction of Leah Sharibu and the other released Dapchi school girls, an incident that has left many Nigerians sorely afraid to send their children to school or even travel outside their immediate community. Security is the major assignment of government before provision of social amenities. We must know that not dealing with this menace does not only threaten our sovereignty as a nation, but also our existence as a people.
While sympathizing with Ms. Dagan’s family,WAISE members strongly condemn this gruesome incident, and demand that the Presidency, the Nigerian Police force and all other relevant security agencies conduct a thorough investigation into her killing and bring the perpetrators of such inhumane act to justice.

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