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Actors’ Guild Reacts To Genevieve’s Health Story

By Glam & Essence

The story about award winning actress,Genevieve Nnaji’s current mental health has been reacted to by the Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN.
The President of the AGN, Emeka Rolland, said that he was not aware of Genevieve’s exit on Instagram as was posted recently,that all her posts had been deleted.
Hear him,
“I will have to reach out to her since I am just getting this news. I have not learnt of that.
”I’ll reach out to her to know whether she is safe or not after your call. I cannot just conclude with hearsay or rumour,” he said.
Since the news broke that she has been hospitalized in a hospital in Texas,USA,fans of the star actress have been concerned about the validity of the story while some have called for prayers for her.

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